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What makes Telecom Domains Ltd Different?
Most web design companies come from one of two angles.

Either they’re “geeks” or “creatives”.
Geeks are very clever. They know all the latest programming languages and tend to create websites which are technically very good … but they don’t usually understand (or even care) how to produce a website that makes money for their client. Geeks are hard for business people to talk to, as they use lots of technical jargon, often lack social skills and they don’t really understand business or what a business person wants from their website.

Creatives, on the other hand, want to produce attractive sites which look great on their portfolio … but that’s all they care about. Creatives tend to produce beautiful websites which make little or no money. Creatives can also be awkward to work with, as they’ve got big egos and they always think they’re right.

At Telecom Domains Ltd, we aren’t “geeks” and we’re not “creatives”. We’re business people. We know our clients would rather have an ugly website that made thousands of pounds than an attractive one the made nothing. Not that our websites are ugly, of course! We don’t talk “geek” and we don’t throw hissy-fits. We talk the language you talk, the language of business. We want the same from your website as you do – we want it to make you money.

Of course, we’re also highly-talented and experienced web designers, but we see web design as a means to an end (making money for your business) rather than an end in itself.

Building a relationship

Successful websites aren’t built overnight, they evolve over a period of months and years. So, it’s important that as a business you have a web design company you can work with over a period of time.

We’re a trusted partner you can turn to for advice, not somebody who takes your money, does your site, and runs.

By working with our clients over a period of months and years, we can gradually make improvements to your website, each time helping you to sell more products or get more qualified leads.

We want to be “your web designer” – just like “your bank manager”, “your accountant” or “your lawyer”.

What makes a good website?

A good website makes you money. It’s that simple. If done well, your website will be the best salesman you’ve ever had. If done badly, it’ll cost you thousands of pounds and you won’t see a penny in return.

Our wealth of Web Design experience can ensure your website generates the right impression for your business. We also develop all our websites to be as search engine friendly as possible. This helps ensure you gain the maximum exposure for your business and receives the maximum return on investment from your website.


To have a website designed and developed for you or maybe have an old website re-designed contact us now.